I, Elvis Riboldi

Elvis Riboldi is energetic, optimistic, passionate… only a bit too much.
He lives with his friends Boris and Emma in Icaria, a town where, according to its inhabitants, nothing ever happened until Elvis was born. But now, that’s he’s around, be prepared for almost anything : time travels, epic fights to death, close encounters of the third kind, and even karaoke!
Based on the successful bookseries by Bono Bidari, published in Spain (La Galera), France (Hachette), Italy (Sironi Editore), Poland (Czarna Owieczka), Czech Republic (Mladá Fronta), Slovenia (Kud Sodobnost), Turkey (Ideal Kitap) and exported by La Galera in Mexico and Central America. 
Disney Channel Award-winner as Best Animated Series project in MIFA Pitching competition (2014).